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The Smart cube to learn, PLay and program


Charge, scramble and solve! HEYKUBE keeps you on track as you learn to solve. Hints are built into the cube. Keep the focus on the toy in your hands for easy play on the go or at home. Great for newbies and bucket listers.



Discover and repeat creative patterns with 16 embedded into HEYKUBE and ready to play. Cube in a cube, Anaconda, Dots, and more. A few quick turns and you are on your way!



HEYKUBE lets you control the lights, sounds, and algorithms with a Raspberry Pi (not included) and the HEYKUBE Python Library. You control the cube - create new ways to play and learn to code! STEM+++

HEYKUBE Python Library

It does offer a lot of unique features compared to other smart cubes. For the beginner, hint and pattern modes,and especially the programming capabilities, and these little circular lights you really can't get that anywhere else...that's it on the newest, and arguably most interesting smart cube to be released in a long time.

Z3Cubing - HEYKUBE: World's First No-App Smart Cube!?

Such a great new toy. My boys and I love it!! We have not put it down since it arrived. I finally figured out how to solve it and I love all the patterns you can make.

Cheri W.

I got the HEYKUBE for my grandsons and they love it. I remember my kids playing with the Rubiks Cube, but the added attraction of the lights on HEYKUBE make it better than ever. I also love that the kids are not looking at a screen and are trying something new. I am a grandfather who also played on the HEYKUBE and enjoyed it. Age doesn't matter!

Stan R.

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Imagine. Design. Invent.

In 2016, the creators of HEYKUBE had an idea to give an iconic puzzle a new spin. They had a few challenges to overcome like fitting wires, sensors, and processors in a small space with moving pieces. Spin ahead a few years and many prototypes later, and HEYKUBE is ready to play. It does what no other smart cube can do - everything you need to solve is inside the cube. The fun begins with a simple turn.


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