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This Cube is Lit

The Smartest Cube Ever Invented

About Heykube

Imagine. Design. Invent.

In 2016, the creators of HEYKUBE had an idea to give a familiar puzzle a new spin. They had a few challenges to overcome like fitting wires, sensors, and processors in a small space with moving pieces. Spin ahead a few years and many prototypes later, and HEYKUBE is now the smartest cube available in the world. It does what no other smart cube can do - everything you need to solve is inside the cube. HEYKUBE adds guidance through lights and sounds so you can learn to solve.


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HEYKUBE VOICE will be the first puzzle enabled with an Alexa skill to be compatible with an Amazon Echo device (parental consent required).  HEYKUBE Voice will connect to Alexa via Bluetooth and open up an interactive conversation. Using the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit and a custom Alexa skill with HEYKUBE Voice is simple —just pair and then ask, and Alexa will respond.  Use voice commands to interact with your cube. Ask for the daily challenge, compete and hear how your time compares, ask for help with solving, or learn patterns. Just when you thought it couldn't get any smarter!