Why Reinvent the Rubik's Cube?

Creating a smart cube is hard! Creating a smart when you're competing against some very big brands is even harder. So, why HEYKUBE? 

Two very smart engineers had an idea 5 years ago. They patented the idea and began creating what is now HEYKUBE. During that time, several other "smart cubes" appeared in the market.  After seeing the launch of Gocube and Rubik's Connect, we wondered if we should continue, but HEYKUBE is unique in that the cube itself is smart.  The programming is built into the cube.  All the other "smart cubes" need a Bluetooth connection and an app to be smart. So, we kept creating and added a few features like patterns, extended battery life, and programmability. And, we introduced a truly smart cube, which you can play and learn with right out of the box. 

HEYKUBE is the smart cube that stayed true to the original, but is reinvented with today's technology, creating a very cool techie gadget that you can play anywhere without the need for another device or screen. To ensure we had a competitive cube, we did expand play with an app that includes challenges, stats, patterns, and a resyncing feature that is amazing. You can even resync if you accidentally twist a corner!  If you want to use the app, you can, but you truly don't need it to play. The app adds features that other cubes have, but HEYKUBE can always stand on its own and be smart on its own.

We took feedback from early adopters, and added an on/off sound button from the hamburger menu on the app under the cube name.  We also added a button on the app which allows you to play in reverse mode regardless of how many times you turn a side.  Scramble more than 14 times and HEYKUBE goes from simple solve (reversing out moves) to learn to solve.  It turned out some cubers wanted a reverse mode no matter how many times they scrambled the sides. So, now it's available on the app.  Thanks for the ideas!

We love that a child or an adult with a passion for coding could program HEYKUBE with other solving algorithms or create some inventive games for the cube. We are working on a complete curriculum for schools.  Teaching kids to program in Python using HEYKUBE is going to check off a big box for us, exploring the educational and STEM side of playing with HEYKUBE.

HEYKUBE is not a speed cube, but it is the perfect cube if you are a beginner that wants to learn to solve or if you played with the original Rubik's cube, and couldn't solve it.  If you are parents like we are, then having your children play a game without staring at a screen is a bonus!  

We do see some people wonder what the flashing light means and if it's HEYKUBE thinking about it's next move.  Actually, it helps you learn to solve.  The cube doesn't give all the answers away (that would be too easy). It does use the basic seven step solving algorithm. You start by solving the white face, and then move on to the layers until you solve it.  When you solve the white face, you will notice a light flashing on a particular side. This is intentional.  Hold HEYKUBE with the flashing light facing you. Keep it in that position as you follow the lights to put the next piece in place. You'll hear a beep when you get the piece in place, and then you'll hear a longer chime when you solve each stage.  Keeping the side with the flashing light facing you, helps with pattern recognition and muscle memory.  Pretty soon, you will be able to turn the hints off and get that edge or corner piece in place on your own.

Once you start turning sides it's pretty easy to see how to play and learn.  There are tutorials on the app with easy to follow instructions.  Give those a watch if you get stuck or have any questions.  Long story short, HEYKUBE is the truly smart cube, the only smart cube that doesn't require an app to play, and a great way to learn to solve-  you'll all be wanting a turn this holiday season! Enjoy-