HEYKUBE Python Library

HEYKUBE has an Open API.  Connect HEYKUBE to a Raspberry Pi (not included) and take control of the cube by programming it using the HEYKUBE Python Library.

The Beta (v0.5.0) HEYKUBE python library is released. It exposes functions to connect to HEYKUBE, play sounds, light up lights, check the moves and states, and send your own instructions.

Documentation: https://heykube-python.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

Source code:https://github.com/heykube/heykube_python

Please note: Bluetooth on the Pi is "challenging", sometimes it works great, and then other times you end up reseting the interface a few times (sudo hciconfig hci0 reset).

The library is a work in progress.  It will grow with additional features and more documentation over time. Please test drive and comment.

The ultimate goal - we'd love to see middle schoolers interested in STEM code for HEYKUBE, have fun, and learn along the way!