What is HEYKUBE?

HEYKUBE is a 3x3 smart cube that gives everyone the chance to solve the cube. Scramble it and HEYKUBE always knows what to do. The light rings put everything you need in your hands. Experience the joy of solving HEYKUBE for the first time, and every time after.

How is HEYKUBE different from other interactive cubes?

The 3x3 cube has seen an evolution of change from digital versions without moving pieces to the more recent smart cube concepts and products. Other interactive cubes, like Rubik's Connect, require an app to track play. HEYKUBE is designed with the solution embedded in and on the cube so tracking and connectivity do not interrupt play. Pick it up and start playing.

What are some advanced things that you can do with HEYKUBE?

Scramble HEYKUBE less than 14 times and it will simply reverse your moves to a solution. Scramble it 14 times or more and HEYKUBE drops into solving mode, walking you through the 7-step pattern used to learn to solve the smart cube. Practice these steps with hints on or off.

Is it also a STEM platform?

Yes. You can take control of HEYKUBE and change play with the HEYKUBE python library and a Raspberry Pi. Change the solving pattern, invent new games, add different tunes, expand your 3x3 cube skills and learn in a fun creative way.

How does it work?

HEYKUBE uses sensors and a microprocessor to track the cube’s rotations continuously guiding and supporting the solving process. All of the computing power and guidance are provided in the cube and on the cube.

Do you need an app to use HEYKUBE?

HEYKUBE has an app, but you don’t need to use the app to enjoy the play and learning. The app is available to download challenges, track your stats, learn patterns, and to return your cube to a solved state if you forget to charge it.

How does HEYKUBE charge?

The HEYKUBE includes a USB-A charging cable that clips directly on the Orange and Yellow faces of the cube. While charging, the LEDs show you the charging status and will shut off when fully charged.

What is the battery life?

On a full charge the HEYKUBE should give you a full day's worth of continuous play, although heavy Bluetooth traffic can reduce the total active time. Once you put the cube down it’s smart enough to go into an ultra-low power sleep mode, and keep the battery charge for many days.

Is the app iOS and Android compatible?

HEYKUBE supports both Android and iOS.

How does HEYKUBE help you learn to solve?

So much of solving the 3x3 cube is learning the patterns. HEYKUBE is relentlessly orienting you with lights and sounds and moving you through the patterns so it becomes second nature. Many beginners struggle with making a single wrong move that requires them to start over from the beginning. HEYKUBE lets you reverse mistakes quickly and get back to the patterns without starting over.  Other smart cubes, like Rubik's or GoCube, are only smart if used with their apps.  HEYKUBE is smart with or without it's app.  The app adds to play, but you don't need it to get hints on how to solve.  HEYKUBE is a smart cube, and it's truly smart!