About Us

We can all relate to trying to solve a cube.  A lot of us "solved" it by rearranging the stickers or taking it apart and putting it back together. We imagined a cube that used sensors, Bluetooth, design and programming to enhance the way we play.

HEYKUBE takes the toy we all love and adds that modern spin, putting the solution in your hands like never before. Now you can learn to solve with HEYKUBE's embedded guidance. Scramble the cube and the lights and sounds help you learn the patterns by guiding you through each turn.  Practice the steps by turning the hints on or off. HEYKUBE remembers your moves and will get you back on track.  We put everything inside HEYKUBE, so you can use it without an app. Just scramble and start learning the patterns to solve the cube.

Play and solve, practice patterns, compete in challenges, or program the HEYKUBE.  A Raspberry Pi and the HEYKUBE python library open up a world of possibilities. Create your own games, solutions, music, and patterns.  Imagine it, code it, play it. This is where tech meets toy.

HEYKUBE is the cube you always wanted, and the wait is over!