What are the basics before you begin to play? 

What is simple solve mode?

What is learn to solve mode?

How do the lights and sounds help you learn to solve HEYKUBE?

The rotating lights on the center cubie tell you which way to rotate that face, clockwise or counter clockwise.  If the light spins around to the right, turn the face clockwise. If the light spins around to the left, turn the face counter clockwise. 

The lights will also flash when you are in Learn to Solve Mode.  Hold the side with the flashing light toward you to more easily understand the patterns to solve that stage.

The sounds let you know that you have changed modes, put a cube in the right position, solved a stage, turned hints on or off, entered pattern mode, and solved the cube.


What is pattern mode? How do you use HEYKUBE to turn it on? How do you repeat a pattern or receive a new pattern?

How do you turn the hints on and off?

How do you resync HEYKUBE if your battery dies and your cube is scrambled?

Charge your HEYKUBE.  Use the HEYKUBE app solver to scan the sides of your cube.  Instructions are sent to your HEYKUBE via Bluetooth. Follow the lights on the cube to solve the cube.  Have fun!

How do you reset HEYKUBE if it seems like it's confused or lost tracking?

Start from solved and reset HEYKUBE with the following pattern:Turn the white face 4 times clockwise (UUUU) , Turn the orange face 4 times clockwise (LLLL), Turn the green face 4 times clockwise (FFFF), Turn the red face 4 times clockwise (RRRR), Turn the blue face 4 times clockwise (BBBB), and Turn the yellow face 4 times clockwise (DDDD).  HEYKUBE is now ready to go.

How do you charge HEYKUBE?

HEYKUBE comes with a usb cable with an L shaped bracket.  Connect the cable to the bracket and align the bracket to the yellow and orange faces of the cube making sure to place the yellow side of the bracket on the yellow face of the cube, and the same with the orange face.  The bracket should snap right into place.  Plug it in to a charger. The cube is fully charge when the rotating light on the white face is fully lit.